Transformation of The Band of Shanghai

Let’s move towards city salon Let’s move towards city salon

As the great hall of Shanghai, from north to south, the British concession, public concessions, French concession, Chinatown: all ethnic groups in the world have gathered here. The tram passed with rings in the writing of Eileen Zhang, men were here to show their new car, woman were here to show off their beauty, people used to stay here to see the scenery of spring in the other side of river...

Here was the salon of Shanghai. This is the Bund of Shanghai.

Today, however, the Bund, levee hides the river view, all the paths to Huangpu River have been cut off. Here is mix and fragmentation, the vehicles with exhaust pollution roared past, disorderly parking and the whistle of police, damp routeway and the noise made by drivers who randomly carry tourists for making money...

Gradually, the Bund has degenerated into a mixed path at the edge of the city.

In 2007, the construction of the Bund tunnel may end this disorder. The Bund can become the salon of the biggest harbor city again?

Urban texture - from adhesive to clear and readable

City salon - based on city three-dimensional network

City salon- urban landscape salon

City salon - urban space spring layer of salon

City salon - city multi-functional salon


Project location: Shanghai,China

Project scale: 2.5 km

Client: Shanghai Planning Bureau

Design time :2007

Task: urban design, urban space design ,landscape design