Nanjing Xuanwu Hotel Phase Ⅱ

This landmark building by the Xuanwu Lake, with its unique shape and space form, creates the unique value expected by users. In this process, we are committed to introducing the concept and practice of gardenized space, which can make the building be integrated into the surrounding high quality environment to benefit the city and its citizens.

This project is the phase 2 of the Xuanwu Hotel design. The expansion of the construction is basically divided into two parts: the first part is podium building; the second part is the main body of high-rise mainly composed by hotel, apartment and office.

This project embodies the original intention of our value design: through the analysis and ideas of the site and the landscape, and according to the users’ personality identity model, we give the ideal value model. This value model is the starting point and the end point of the whole design at the same time, and whether it is can be achieved is the key to a successful design. We deconstruct the traditional garden into several parts, and reconstruct it throughout the building and indoor and outdoor landscape, so as to achieve the continuation of the garden and stereo greening.

Main body of the building continues the design concept of podium building. The design of the architectural plane form aims at getting the largest area of lake landscape and the urban scenery. We try our best to let more rooms, apartments and offices enjoy the lake landscape.

Starting from the relationship between urban group spaces and building itself space, in the construction of architectural form, the soft podium building form integrate into the urban group space. Building view and landscape forms are interdependent, and can’t be separated from each other. Its soft external form and the water of Xuanwu Lake set each other off beautifully. It achieves curve beauty with simple, easy for perception of dynamic; and effectively improves the quality of the landscape and environment of the whole area.


Project location: Nanjing ,China

Project scale:  115,081m²

Client: Nanjing Mingguang Xuanwu Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Building cost:RMB 890,000,000

Design time :2010

Task: architectural design, landscape design