Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital cultural, medical, partnership symposium :

strengthening international development & corporation


 The 11th of April 2018  saw the Nanjing Drum tower hospital faculty leaders  welcome Pierre-Yves Merald and Alexander Hoffet. Mr. Merald , the deputy governor  minster of health from the public health services and statistical office of the canton of Vaud, Lausanne, Switzerland. Mr. Hoffet, consul  general of Switzerland to Shanghai.

The two sides carried out a heated interactive communication around the overall medical situation, medical care ratio, medical operation and expenditure. The symposium uncovered a vast topical range on how the Canton of  Vaud  & Nanjing drum tower hospital could work in compotation, for producing cross cultural understanding and implementations of health care policy for China and Switzerland.


Lemanarc SA chair architect Vincent Zhang also joined the  symposium , and expounded the design concept of Drum Tower Hospital to the delegation. After the seminar, the delegation visited the Drum Tower Hospital. Lemanarc’s  original concept  of design was for healing  ,efficiency ,ecological ,operation   through its  interior /exterior all in one  design approach.

The past five years since the construction of the new campus of  the Drum Tower Hospital has seen it perform beyond daily operation capacity. The  medical environment has produced outstanding results in  green energy conservation, also  it  has led other medical institutions on how to be innovative within the field of healthcare design.