PENTHALAZ Complex center with commercial housing and office

The project comes from the thinking of "space for breath", and this kind of space is indispensable to the usability of different functions. The "Hiders" are defined by its relationship with the "seekers". The proposal waves the connections of all parts, and ensures the quality of export and site landscape; all these strengthen the identity of site. 

Road network

This proposal is located in a comprehensive road network. The network consists of walking space and the communication space with the rich quality, in which the function of integration and space reflect a certain synergy. 

The proposal also creates (composed of terrace, arbor and balcony) a close and pleasant private space, as well as a recognizable communication space with rich quality. We also set a flexible multi-purpose waterfront public space in pedestrian road network. 

Site identity

The architecture locates between the individual scale and urban/collective scale; it integrates landscape elements into the whole architecture. This proposal adopts the compact block with contour line. These blocks have different functions and are integrated into a global system.

Living in the park: the maximum fusion

According to the geometry principle of matrix, we place the various architectures in the site. Architectural form makes us feel the changing block, which minimizes the heavy sense of volume.

We combine the detailed study of architectural form and the consideration of architectural façade in the woods to create a warm atmosphere matching the” living in the park”. The cement standing out from façade emphasizes the plane with different height..