Poly Deqing Origin Site Planning

This project is located in the east of Deqing Wukang town of Huzhou city, and near the mountain by the river. Project planning and design take the “origin” as the theme, meaning pursuing dream land, and dream back to home. Relying on the natural and cultural history, and its advantage of traffic of the surrounding city, we try to build a new gardenized city which is cultural and dynamic. And we create a unique identity and value for Deqing.

Our design combine planning and architectural design, making use of the changes of building form and type, we plan high-rise, multi-story garden villa, mountain row houses, mountain villa and other variegated space form. We maximize the utilization of topography, wind direction, vegetation, water flow and other natural conditions; try to reduce the noise of expressway. Combined with the residential design, we build a residential area with rational layout, complete facilities, convenience, and orderly management. In consideration of climate, and living habits, we develop the whole project by stages. Nature, culture, garden are the soul we want to give to this project. “Poly.origin” has garden cultural feeling and urban vitality, modernization and convenience. Our objective is to create a new residential model between extremely high density in urban and monotonous low density in suburb. 

Project location: Deqing, China

Project scale:  620,000 m²

Client: Deqing Poly Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Building cost:RMB 1,350,000,000

Design time :2009

Task: overall planning ,architectural design ,landscape design