Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital 

A garden with three levels makes the green penetrate into every corner of the hospital, from six big courtyards, to more than 30 lights wells, and to a touch of green before every window... The Drum Tower Hospital is a medical island in the downtown area, a medical garden open to every citizen. In 2013, The Drum Tower Hospital design won the WAN (world architecture news) medical design award, the only project winning such award in China.

South expansion project of the hospital is located in central area; the project design concept comes from the understanding towards the word:”hospital” in Chinese traditional culture. In English, the word ”hospital” comes from Latin with the original meaning of “call for guests”; in Chinese, "hospital" is the compound for medical treatment.

This proposal design core is to gardenize the hospital to get ubiquitous gardens. In this project, garden penetrates into the every detail of the building. Designers deconstruct the traditional garden into small units, weave into building skin texture, and the facades become the carrier of the garden. The plants inlaid in the facade and all theme courtyards on the ground link into a huge garden system. The whole system is three-dimensional and plump, and makes garden everywhere and easy to touch.

Hospital is the junction of real world and nether world, the place for the starting and the end of life. Drum Tower Hospital was originally a church hospital established by the missionary in 1892. Designers try to get back this tradition, and make the hospital like the church, a place for people communicating with god. Therefore, the design pursues simplicity and pure, numbers of yards and sunlight well as well as the cascade and transparent garden facades ensuring the enough natural light. While the milky white frosted glasses solve the problem of indoor daylighting, they also make the sunshine softer. As for the sweltering characteristics in summer in Nanjing , elevation setting lateral ventilation effectively takes the skin heat, greatly reduces the energy consumption and makes building provide a better service for people. 


Project location: North Zhongshan Road, Nanjing, China

Project scale:230,000m2

Client: Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital

Cost : I billion

Design time 2004-2008

Construction time:2006.07 -2009,12

Task: medical function design, architectural design, interior design and landscape design