Pudong New District Broadcast TV Centre 

The inspiration of the whole scheme comes from the integrity of the square box image: we want to build a big enough box to load all the required functions, cut it and then open the most public areas in building, such as entrance, hallways and stairwells, etc. The cut part is placed around the facade; their existence makes the openings of building more obvious and attracts visitors to find out the hidden in it.

The office tower of top floor is equipped with a special kind of glass which can be transferred to create an effect of lighthouse. At the same time, the opaque part covering studio space has a LED solar grid support, providing a large area of multimedia exhibition space, and bring a broader commercial purpose.

The 4 floors of lower part of building are mainly used for studio, performing arts, and the upper part are used as office space. Design inspiration of building facade comes from the TV screen pixels concept, square plate is the symbol of pixel, and such design correspond to broadcast TV center identity. On the design of the building facade, the square plate consists of three types: 20 cm, 60 cm, and 100 cm. With the in and out of the "pixel", the façade model changes variously. The frame of stainless steel is supported by a black steel structure with external size of 780 * 280 cm. Outer edge of steel structure is printed with different size of white square screen, and their white shadows create another interesting combination.

 Project location:  Shanghai ,China

Project scale:  35,000m²

Client: Shanghai Pufa Engineering Construction Management Co., Ltd.

Building cost:660 million RMB

Design time : 2010

Task: architectural design