Xiamen Nanyang College

This design tries to seek the unique identity of Nanyang College, and tailors a design solution to maximize its identity value. In limited land area, we win precious central campus space with circular building layout, and highlight the world "garden" of the campus. From the big garden of central area to small gardens among buildings, all reflect the nature and essential meaning of campus.

Many service spaces are defined into different levels, split, and then arranged separately, in order to achieve the greatest service coverage. This proposal integrates and absorbs the experience of management and the expansion of Chinese universities, meeting the needs of all aspects of learning and life.

In design, we try to integrate the gardenized space concept with Minnan Hakka local-style dwelling, and to realize the fusion of garden elements and architecture elements; we increase the courtyard in campus space, and realize gardenized campus with the organization and arrangement of greening. At the same time, we use red brick as facade materials, which adds the warm feeling of nostalgia for campus. 

We set aside a lot of storage space for the future development in all aspects of the school. College style can be preserved and developed with sustainability. The future expansion of the building can be built along the peripheral space with a dentritic development model to ensure the future extensibility and flexibility of college.


Project location: Xiamen,China

Project scale: 326,109 m²

Client: Xiamen Nanyang College

Building cost:RMB 1,000,000,000

Design time :2004-2007

Construction time: 2006-2010

Task: overall planning ,architectural design, interior design, landscape design