Shanghai Pudong New District Broadcast TV Centre  is about to be completed and put into use! 

Shanghai Pudong New District Broadcast TV Centre designed by LEMANARC is about to be completed and put into use! 

The project is located in the Zhoukang area of Pudong New District, Shanghai, and the west side of North Luoshan Road, Xiuyan Road, with a land area of 37 mu. In the 2010 International Scheme Design Competition, the “Media Dragon” program designed by LEMANARC won the first prize and became the implementation plan.

The main functions of Pudong Broadcasting and Television Center include broadcasting area, TV business room, broadcasting service room, radio and television sharing service room, limited network center business and supporting room, administrative office space, conference center, building electromechanical system supporting room, parking garage and building service space - elevator, bathroom, etc.

In the functional area division, the space of the bottom 4 floors is mainly used as large and small studios,  performing arts room, etc., and the upper part is set as office space, wherein a television business room, a broadcasting business room, and a shared room of the two are arranged in the middle of the tower; meetings, administrative offices, etc. are arranged in the upper part of the tower. The basement level is used for parking and building electromechanical rooms. 

 Photography  Xia qiang

Photography Xia qiang

20100427_方案二_夜间鸟瞰 (1).jpg

The inspiration for the entire project comes from the holistic box image: the designer wants to build and cut a large box that can hold all the required functions, opening the most common areas of the building, such as entrances, corridors and Stairwell and so on. These cut parts are placed around the façade, and their presence makes the building's opening more prominent, attracting visitors to discover what is hidden in it.

The design of the building skin is inspired by the pixel concept on the TV screen, and the square plate symbolizes the pixel, which is consistent with the identity of the Broadcasting Center. In the design of the building facade, the square symbolizing the "pixel" is roughly divided into three types according to the distance of the protruding facade: 20 cm, 60 cm, 100 cm. The “pixels” are pushed and pulled out to create a variety of dynamic façades that give the building its vitality, such as a tossing dragon, slamming up from the northwest of the site and straight into the sky.

 Photography Xia qiang

Photography Xia qiang

The concept of "pixel" is not only expressed in the design of the facade of the building, but also in the design of the landscape. The panes and display grid on the façade continue to extend to the ground and plaza, transforming into paving slabs, turf, diverse landscape settings, etc., reflecting the theme of the building and making the building more dynamic and vital. . .