Value Design

Design value and value design:To design value is to provide products with added value. Work is a kind of product, but its value is much higher than general products, and architectural works are also different from architectural products. Fine architectural products are the goods which are exchanged through works’ values. In the past, the operations of development planning, planning, investment and financing arrangement, urban design, architectural design, project management, construction, investment attraction and sales tend to be single, time-consuming, and are hard to combine.

And value design revolves around the ultimate value of the works to do multidimensional and multifaceted value decompositions and combinations. The value design of the project development model consists of value model, thought model, profit model, form model, technology model, function model, cost model and operation model.

Gardenized Architecture

From garden to gardenization : the oriental and occidental garden and architecture begin at the same time. The architecture in low density era is the way to internalize the external world. Human’s sense of territory and desire in possession can be realized by building architectures and gardens.

On the one hand, population density and the concentration of resources cause to the high-density aggregation, on the other hand, the garden fragmentation and personalization lead to the direction of gardenized architecture, gardenized space and gardenized city.

Gardenized Space

Culture Identity

In a globalized world, the convergence of human lifestyle leads to the fast disappearance of cultural identity.

Copy speed which is as fast as the electron velocity makes everyone can spread the information.

The standardized culture type is gradually becoming a background that business and entertainment need.

Each individual lives in the “era of innovation” in which people compete against each other.

On the other hand, the individual which has left the communities has to adapt themselves to the exotic social environment; the inner peace is affected by the daily nostalgia. The desire for cultural identity of Individuals and communities is becoming more important than before.

Can the mutual blame and assimilation between different ethnic groups be replaced by the mutual appreciation and alienation? Can individuals find their sense of belonging of cultural identity?  Can the fragmentation of culture heritage get the identification of the value and the activation of the conscious in a different environment? Can the Individual, family, nation, community, association and society reconstruct in deconstruction?

Parallel Worlds

Today’s design is not only the result of designer’s work, but the special point of view formed by that after we integrate the detailed demand and the changeable market of different disciplines and majors, and then interact timely .Each design should respond specific needs of its time and space and cultural status. All of these colorful differences need to be perceived keenly and analyzed and controlled timely. Only in this way, every design work would become the most necessary thing in this era, culture, and market.

To this end, continuous interaction and inspiration with clients and among various disciplines will be crucial to the success of the design results.

Only by understanding every role actively and deepening design ideas of this field, can we probably make the value design come true. In this sense, everyone is a designer.