Shanghai Poly Square Complex

Why do we choose complex?

The Lujiazui land on the verge of redemption is one of the most expensive land resources in Shanghai. Since more than half a year, Shanghai and national real estate prices are in the important period of adjustment, but the most defensive area of Shanghai is here. Here, there are the only non-renewable resources, the real river view. Here, you can and should open your arms to the Huangpu river .If you can't do this, and still feel the river view in fragment, this would be an unforgivable loss. But the most important value in Shanghai is that Shanghai is the hub of communication for China and the world. In 2004, Shanghai has 180000 Europeans and Americans working and living here, and the number increases at a rate of twenty percent every year. This point, like Switzerland, the small European country knew well its importance as a hub for north and south Europe as early as from the 5th century to the 12th century. Complex as the most important hub is very prosperous thought and practice in Europe and the United States this year. All kinds of energy are integrated here; all possibilities are shared here. People’s demands in different times are organically combined and quickly meet. City distribution based on a single function is experiencing the biggest ecological and cost test. The micro-trend buildings based on the single function and the simple combination can't satisfy market position which has an accurate price, and can’t fully combine and share the demanding economy energy in each period.

Why do we choose the high-end complex? 

We think commercial real estate development of Shang liang ba ku has its own strong uniqueness: it fully relies on its own small area, expensive land price, riverside, and high-end features and is subject to the development goals of the maximum benefit of the entire land.

If the business center’s level lowers, it is likely to bring the depreciation of the entire Shang liang ba ku land. At the same time, it isn’t located in a mature business area, and cannot become the business center of the common sense or low value-added business center. So the big commercial real estate like supermarket is not suitable for Poly Shangliangbaku land.

We did specially the quantity of market research work, especially the foreign market research work. The research conclusions have also been submitted to the Shanghai Poly Group Corporation. 

We still believe that Shanghai Poly Group Corporation should focus on such unique, risky, and potential high-end complex leading China business and hotel real estate development.

Why is it important to better combine indoor and outdoor landscape?

One of the most important features of high-end complex differing from some single functional groups is the beautiful and rich connection among functions. Between all layers, between all layers and the key landscape, between indoor and yard, between all functional sections, between vehicle and pedestrian, between underground space and the skylight, between courtyard garden and roof platform, there should be a clear and beautiful connection. We build a several meters of high –class connection system between the indoor and outdoor space of building through the turn of building epidermis concept in space.

The ground space fully opens to the courtyard, the upper space fully opens to the roof garden space, and each layer window fully opens to river view.

Especially by the mobility handling of the ground heatstroke walkways and roof terrace on the second floor, we connect all functional sections together. In the realization of the complete natural ventilation and lighting without wind and rain, at the same time, we achieve that the step moves along with the scenery. The dynamic river view and the view box fitting for pedestrian realize the synchronous design of architecture and landscape.



Project location:  Shanghai ,China

Project scale:  103,000 m²

Client: Poly Group Corporation

Building cost:RMB400,000,000

Design time :2005

Construction time: 2007-2012

Task: planning, concept design, architectural design