Shenzhen Bay Technology &Ecology City Project

The Project site is located among four main roads as White Stone Road, West Shahe Road, Gaoxinnanshi Road, and South Keji Road. The basic design element of the whole proposal looks like "L" types, and is used repeatedly in the vertical and horizontal direction to form a single entity. This simple but rich in strong appeal form makes the project become the landmark of the whole area.

In terms of traffic, the traffic system of four main roads is moved to the underground transportation system, thus we separate car traffic area and walking area, and also liberate the public area of the building of the first floor which can be used to create a suitable urban landscape. 

Natural light, fresh air can be introduced into the underground space through the cascading courtyard, which guides contact and communication of the upper area.

The surrounding main roads and underground floor are connected by an efficient ramp. The bus stop of brief stay is set in B1; these places are near the entrance of the public space. The parking area of long stay is set in B2and B3. People can reach lower floors rapidly not disturbing the B1 transportation system.
In order to separate the public space like commercial and industrial buildings and other private space like apartments, hotels and office buildings, the designers define two different vertical traffic core tubes. 

A)A)The public transport core tube: commercial, industrial buildings, and retails.

B)B)The private traffic core tube: apartments, hotels and office buildings. We design the core tube according to the pedestrian volume and location. In the B1 road system and the ground walking system, we separate strictly the flow of the public area and the private area.

In the B1, we can solve the problem of traffic distribution by a public loop; at the same time ensure that people can reach all the public areas of the whole site. The 2nd public loop ensures that people can enter all private areas. In order to avoid the mix of two public loop traffics, each loop runs independently, and they are connectted with each other only in some points. In order to reduce the walking time, the entrance hallway, hall etc are set beside relevant road systems. 

On the ground, we organize the traffic system in the same way. On the ground, the private area is near these four main roads. There is a north-south street in B1. Facing to the central green axis and city square, the commercial, retail and industrial buildings are set in the private space of the central pedestrian area. 

There is an independent access system for building private space and public space. People can enter private traffic core tube through the internal walking street, and can enter the public traffic core tube through the public pedestrian platform.

To connect the different function areas and keep the clear distinction, our design forms an untraditional connection by the staggered layer or the cascading layer, and riches the relations of layers. At the same time, we create some courtyard space with different forms and different sizes. The open space changes with the ups and downs of the height between layers, and forms a “layer” system. This system can ensure the natural sunlight, natural sunshade, natural ventilation, and green landscape; and make the natural ecology be seen from all over the place. Thus, it improves the quality of work and life space.

In addition to the vertical system service formed by main core tube, stairway, escalator and all the different function space, the horizontal traffic connection form is achieved by bridges and other constructions of bridge type. We build the construction of bridge type from the east to the west direction to realize the more efficient use of the natural sunlight.

This project particularly attaches great importance to the environmental protection of the building. Using the staggered courtyard and moving the floor slabs of all different floors, through the building structure itself, we create the natural sunshade system. We create a interlayer in the bottom of the floor slab of the building structure, and the interlayer is opened on four sides and forms a cavity layer, the natural and fresh air can flow through the building floors, and it also has the effect of lowering the building temperature, so as to create a good internal environment of building construction.

The rainwater is led to the central collection point of B1floor through the horizontal collection.

We fully consider the natural monsoon direction for the positioning of the building and exterior facade form, so as to realize a better ventilation around the building.
We create the green lane change system of bus, and connect it with the subway. The bus stops are set near the solid connection area. We set the green bus stops in public space to realize the seamless link between vertical traffic of the buildings and urban horizontal traffic.

Project location: Shenzhen,China

Project scale:  1,218,143m²

Client: Shenzhen Investment Holdings Company Limited

Building cost:RMB6,500,000,000

Design time :2011

Task: urban planning, architectural design