Shenzhen University Hospital

In this general hospital design, we try to dismantle and re-construct traditional garden elements, from the plane garden composed by yard and green roof, to vertical garden composed by façade, for these elements penetrate into every corner of the hospital. The design inspiration comes from the orient paper-cutting art, and the building mass looks like the pieces of paper stacked together, and brings people the mild and pleasant feeling.

The hospital is a new general hospital located in Nanshan District in Shenzhen; it covers an area of 89828.24 m2 with a total floorage of 135,000m2.

Our design inspiration comes from the ancient Chinese folk traditional art---paper cutting, people create various hollow patterns on paper. And the university hospital seems like to stack together lightly these treated papers to construct a building with a special culture identity.

For the practice of gardenized space, we try to integrate skillfully the garden into buildings, make the building surrounding permeate the garden elements. Courtyard, roof garden compose the plane garden, at the same time, designer deconstructs a bigger garden structure and hangs it on the building’s façade to make a vertical garden system which is closer to people. Both patients and medical staff stay in green environment enjoying the vitality and hope that plants bring. We introduce the hill landscape into courtyard scene and building in order to make a landscaping construction.

These garden ambulatories solve the problems of day lighting and ventilation, avoid the direct sunlight, and save the air-condition’s energy consumption.

The whole hospital is as lightsome and white as paper, combines the ubiquitous green, replace the cold wall by vital garden to make love and care appear everywhere.

Location: Shenzhen, China

Project scale: 135,000 m²

Client: Shenzhen University

Construction cost: 685 million RMB

Design Date:2011