Taizhou Hospital New Campus

A growing hospital

It is like growth of crystal, during the process of the cross as the basic unit from single cross to double cross to multi-cross, it weaves the core structure and pattern of this future hospital area. The compounds based on cross infuse the connotation of traditional Chinese compound culture to this area. The wards all face the south, which maximally open the landscape in the cross pattern. The strain capacity to the various demand situations which may occur requires us to always own possibility of multiple options so as to make up and face the behavioral biases during the former stage. The building zones are clearly divided, which guarantees the continuous operation of the hospital during various periods, avoids removal and clutter during stage construction, and greatly saves the cost of repeated construction.

Location: Taizhou,China

Project scale: 356,997 m²

Client: Taizhou Enze Medical Center

Construction cost: 2.28 billion RMB

Design Date:2015