Nanjing Yincheng Maqun Hospital

Within the project of synergizing medical care, rehabilitation, nursing, and daily care, at the core of the overall industrial chain, the hospital not only serves as an effective and intensive medical care center, but also is a soft, tranquil and ecological home for treatment. We structure the hospital as one core, two belts, three kernels, and four gardens, to divide the hub of the organization into medical technology, doctors, and rehabilitation parts at the end of its spokes, locating in the center of the buildings. Meanwhile, inpatient and outpatient belts are well-designed to bring the three key blocks together; in so doing, doctors are able to give considerations to hospitalized, outpatient and rehabilitated patients, to make it possible to maximize medical care benefits and profits with the lowest doctor distribution.

Location: Nanjing ,China

Project scale: 54,940 m²

Client: Nanjing Yincheng Realestate  

Construction cost: 300 million RMB

Design Date:2016