Phase II of theSouthern Medical University Hospital, Shenzhen

This is a modern University hospital. The U-shaped architecture is naturally showing this identity.

The whole hospital is composed by standard units, which makes it just like a children game. Operation needs can be achieved through different combinations and changes of these units. The modular Design makes also the bidding and construction work much easier to get controlled.

The building’s main orientation is settled toward the south west. In this way, all ward rooms have guaranty for enough sunshine, in the mean while, at the fresh mornings of Shenzhen and at late afternoon, the sunshine will also occupy the whole roof step gardens.

The south building of inpatient wards is shaped as steps going down toward the roof garden side, so that it helps the sunshine to reach as much as possible to the research building which is situated at the north part. In the other way, the north building has also a stepping shape, following different floor’s function, which helps for the higher floor’s senior staff apartments to receive more sunshine for their elegant private roof gardens. 

Project location :Shenzhen ,China

Project scale:

Building cost :RMB 4,100,000,000

Client:Engineering management center of Shenzhen construction and Engineering Department

Design time : 2017