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Viewed from the cloud, the Swiss Leman Lake looks like a curving arch, so it is also called leman arch. The beautiful scenery and fascinating light inspire generations of international design masters. Le Corbusier, Cthumi, Foster and other architectural masters all benefit from this. In the past, the lake was always accompanied by the convergence of northern and southern European thoughts and characters; today, as one of the most intensive gathering places of the international agencies in the world, it’s also a place where the thoughts have dialogue with each other, and consciousnesses are activated on a global scale.

Switzerland Lemanarc (leman arch) architecture and urban planning and design firm is founded in Lausanne by the Leman Lake in 2000. Lemanarc focuses on architectural design and urban design. Today, in Lausanne and Zurich of Switzerland, and Shanghai, China, we all have a design agency, providing Switzerland, Europe, China and other parts of the world with the original and high quality design services.

Distance produces beauty, difference brings the identification, and we might find the value by exploring the inner world.

Our design elites come from all over the world, having the different cultural background. Through the intercultural examination, appreciation and dialogue, they can face up to the swallow that globalization bring the individual cultural identity. Avoiding copying simply the commercial fashion, refusing the repetitive endorsement, they look for diligently the design value of the project and their own value of life by original research, design and construction guidance. We call it Lemanarc to express our respect to the source of inspiration here, the interaction between international and regional cultural identity, as well as the harmonious coexistence between man and nature in our inexpressible dream.

Such dream inspired our pursuit of gardenized architecture.

“Gardenized ” accompanies all the life of each individual and group: through the information of the space that materials enclose or reveal, the gardenized architecture internalizes the external empty, externalizes the inner ceremony, weaves the experience of space and time, wakes up the place of the heart, and comforts the nostalgia in the journey of the life.

No matter you are in Swiss wooden buildings or you are in the high-rise of Shanghai; or whether you overlook mountains or you have a house made to measure ,a ”family ”with  a ”garden” is the ”home”.

Under the guidance of our design idea: ”gardenized architecture”, ”gardenized city” and ”gardenized space”, Lemanarc today has achieved fruitful research and design achievements in many fields.

The original design of the ”medical garden”, ”medical hub” and other medical building types in the field of medical care for the aged brought new values for medical design and health management chain.

In the field of cultural education exhibition, through the exploration of superposition effect of the individual experience path, Lemanarc has developed “everyone’s museum”, ”gallery cluster museum “,”learning garden” and other characteristic, comprehensive and open cultural experience type which is a part of the city belongs to the new era.

In office, hotel and urban complex design, Lemanarc broke the closed business. Through the multi-dimensional analysis and reflection of the traditional office and business models, Lemanarc has designed an all-win, ecological, networked, open “multi-dimensional city” “urban complex street ””urban complex texture” and other new models.

In the study of urban development strategy, they pursue the ”gardenized city” and ”autogenetic  city”, ”complex city”, ”citizen’s city ”, ”everyone’s city”, ”landscape city”, take the individual, ethnic, networked, multi-dimensional, full-time experience for citizens as the core, emphasize full age, family experience and cultural experience, and pay attention to service community of service industry . By helping the discrete functions to reweave the networked experience to stimulate its own derivatives, we thus improve the whole social, cultural, and economic value of the area. On the basis of urban design practice of ”coastal community”, ”cell village”, ”riverfront spring layer salon”,we create a new win-win development pattern which becomes a classic case of urban design.

Residential design focuses on bringing the resident the feeling of peace and cultural belonging of family and home by means of internal and external ”gardenized ”

“Paper courtyard”, ”Mountain outside the mountain,” ”Life Park” and other series will combine with the oriental and western experience, tradition and future. It includes the cultural understanding of designer and releases a great experience value for all walks of city.

In recent years, we researched and developed the ”parallel world “and other across time and space experience mode to make an architectural response to online and offline interaction.

Lemanarc insists the original design, advocates ”gardenized architecture” and ”cultural identity”, and emphasizes the modularized design and interactive design. We won the 2012 and 2013 annual architectural design winning-prize in WAN (British world architecture news award).

Lemanarc loves designing , and explores culture. We will be your good partner to create values.