Key Advantages


Creative Ideas

The construction of large-scale medical institutions and the effectiveness of their operations often require years of accumulation. We will make use of the professional information advantages and R&D advantages of our company's international platform, through the horizontal comparison of the scale, characteristics, functional structures, operational results and development trends of similar projects in the world in recent years, through the scientific summary of our company's design and construction project experience. And to inquire about improvement and in-depth understanding and integration of the project's local medical planning and disciplinary development characteristics, to identify outstanding works that possess both internationally advanced design concepts and suit local development needs.

International Norms

Long-term professional design experience enables us to have professional judgement ability among international standards such as JCI, DIN, AIA, NHS, SIA. No single standard can cover all aspects of medical design. Only long-term international experience allows us to understand how to achieve professional integration and choice among international standards. The choice of adopting an international standard design also guarantees that the various types of operating units for future stays have a global range of options and suitability.

International Leading Equipment System

Whether it is building equipment systems or medical equipment systems are in a period of rapid change. The selection and precise arrangement of equipment systems through building information management will guarantee the accuracy, coordination and variability of various system configurations. From the equipment list to the detailed equipment list, to the fine room equipment configuration table will form a clear, accurate, controllable, manageable and predictable equipment system configuration and management of our project.

Building Information Management

Building Information Management (BIM) is the basis for automation and informationization of logistics operations in subsequent hospitals. The BIM-based design and collaboration methods we use allow us to have more stable design quality and quick response to changes. This not only guarantees the quality of our design, but also guarantees the speed and accuracy of our design. At the same time, this has become a platform for our communication with owners and operators.

International Brand, Publication, Award &Honor

Our international brands, articles, awards and honors have always brought our customers a good reputation. In each project design, we insisted on publishing the project's design results in a timely manner and applying for international and Chinese awards to form a win-win situation for the designers, owners, operators and local government departments.

International cooperation with medical organization

Our long-term professional practice and good reputation in the industry allow us to have long-term good customer relations. Our customers are involved in numerous medical operating agencies and experts around the world. This allows us to calmly find better solutions through the help of our customers in the face of new challenges. At the same time, we are also very happy to see that our customers may be good partners, especially when they are in different cultural and economic environments.

Interior/exterior all in one Design

We have always insisted on the integration of interior and exterior design as far as possible. The hospital leaving the interior design is only a shell and cannot be called a hospital. Our designs and ideas will not be based on the habit of separating architecture from interiors in the current state of architectural design in China, but will be based on our custom in Switzerland and Europe.

Green Architecture

Whether it is China's green building star rating or USA’s LEED, or Switzerland's Minenergy (Swiss zero energy standard), it is necessary to design with implement thinking and implementation of green energy conservation from beginning to end. We will actively establish a green and energy-saving system in the design, and promptly ask the owners the need for rating of various standards and are very happy to help the owners achieve the work related to the rating.

Precise Care Design

As a type of large-scale medical building with the highest difficulty level in various types of buildings, the requirements for the layer-by-level translation of medical procedures from space to building are very high. Various types of specialist hospitals, advanced VIP and private hospitals, aged and nursing home, public health and infectious hospitals all have their own standards and requirements, and will require more specialized and refined design capabilities. Only fine medical design, refined spatial design and refined architectural design can obtain high-quality medical buildings. As the most used medical buildings for people's livelihood, it will often become a representative landmark and business card of a city. The fine and refined large-scale medical buildings can even attract people from all over the world. For example, the medical center of Lausanne, Switzerland, has gradually become the center of oncology throughout Europe, just as USA’s MD Anderson has similar global influence. The services carried by buildings, space, and furniture are also improving the hospital's service capabilities in a more in-depth manner, and have become the carrier of detailed hospital services.

Operational Based Scenario Driven Design

The scene-oriented design principles formed by our long-term design practices require our design to be continuously forward-looking and variability. For example, the choices of Plan A and Plan B should always be based on the progress of investment promotion, operational effectiveness, and financial changes. This design principle has been tested by our medical projects in Europe and China. At the beginning of the design, we will arrange various possibilities for future development. We will not easily overlook the existence of any possible variables and the assessments that may affect it. In the gradual deepening of the design process will always adhere to this principle, to help the hospital to achieve the realization of various possibilities in the future. The long-term practice of modular design makes us more convinced of its adaptability and adaptability.

Cost Control Based Design

Grasping the cost is the key to our success. Cost is an important criterion for our own design evaluation from beginning to end. With a relatively tight investment budget and relatively low unit cost, how to achieve a more optimal distribution of limited resources in the project will directly lead to the realization of the project.

Respect, research and practice to China Indentity for more than 15years

We believe that China has its unique cultural identity and hospital buildings should also be the carrier of traditional culture. Over 15 years of practice in China, we strive to find the cultural value of each client and tailor a unique hospital that belongs to it.