Xiamen Hong’ai Maternity Hospital

Mother-Baby friendly, designed to support breastfeeding, including NICU semi-monitoring breastfeeding, maternal and child skin contact.

Private protection, all spatial treatment methods are aimed at different service targets, ensuring the privacy of breastfeeding and gynaecological examinations.

Preferential services, distinguish between preferential and inclusive, from the spatial layout to the exclusive service streamline, reception, diagnosis and treatment, catering, flowers, cars and so on, correspond to the detailed space design.

Green environmental protection,from building skin structure to system selection, some advanced technologies such as sunshine, ventilation, shading, energy saving and rainwater recovery are planned.

Platformization-provide highest efficiency

The spatial layout of the platform allows the building space to further support accurate medical treatment for different types of diseases.

Gardening-easy and enjoyable

The ubiquitous garden, from the outside to the inside, from the ground floor to the roof, from the center to the border, multi-level green space penetration, creating a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Modular-scene-oriented design thinking

The use of standard modular, modular, and modular system designs provides flexibility and variability of the functional space while also ensuring the economics of construction.

Ecology-light and private green concept

The design and structure of the ecological skin, through the external ecological interface of the building, on the basis of privacy protection, realize the ecological scene and environment both inside and outside the building. Combined with the characteristics of the coastal city of Xiamen, the design of the soft theme of the female theme of the maternity hospital, the entire architectural form is like a light ribbon, meaning the transmission of love.

Project location: Xiamen, China

Project scale: 92,000m2

Client: Xiamen C&D Healthcare Investment Co., Ltd.

Construction cost: 560 million RMB

Design date: May,2018-

Task: Architectural design, Medical function design, Interior design