Xiamen Nanyang College

This proposal wants to create an art space located in Shenzhen coast which has a high fusion, sustainability, and flexibility.

Design is a museum group which is connected by a main channel through the center of site and is distributed in both sides of channel. Designers intend to create a different community space feeling, and commercial areas are set in the circle area of the site center. We raise this circle area by step and expand it along the direction of mountain, so as to reach a visual effect of facing to mountain scenery and relying on sea. The raised streets create more space for shop. The most important is that such height differences among museum, shop, coffee shop create mutually a landscape for each other. The museum group around the commercial street is divided into three parts, each part has a main entrance hall leading to commercial streets which is also called the fast channel to all exhibition halls. 

In addition, the main entrance hall is double-deck space, thus, it can connect other spaces and realize a whole interconnection.

The flexibility of building can be achieved by central channel system and open circle exhibition space. We distribute the core tube along the central area, and then expand the space along different directions to form a relatively independent and unified branch space. These expanded spaces can be used to decorate the small exhibition hall or special events, making utilization of space flexible and various.

The site is located near the sea which provides natural landscape for architecture and becomes the source of internal design of building. Designers use sea water in two aspects, the first is to use the geothermal energy to assist air conditioning system. In addition, the sea water is transported to the roof, and down along the building; on the one hand, it creates a unique visual feeling, on the other hand, it has the cooling effect for building.

On the external design of building, designers get the inspiration from the cascade of paper and create a shape with great originality. The architecture form like cascade paper makes the whole architecture look like an artwork. The plane cascade contrasts with vertical background which is expressive and makes people stop to enjoy it.


Project location: Shenzhen ,China

Project scale: 63,778m²

Client: Shenzhen Merchants Real-estate Co., Ltd.

Building cost:RMB510,000,000

Design time :2011

Task: Concept design, function planning, architectural design