Xianlin Ecology Complex Agglomeration

The original planning has a low plot ratio, low building height, and low building density with a land area of 371,000 square meters, a lake area of 178,000 square meters, and a total floor area of about 41,000 square meters. It has small amount of construction and low land utilization rate. 

Now the planning has a higher plot ratio, higher building height and higher building density, with a land area of 300,000 square meters, a lake area of 249,000 square meters, and a total floor area of 680,000 square meters. It has a big amount of the construction and high land intensive utilization rate.

We calculate the business volume of central area by population and commercial area law and the annual sales per square meter. We can conclude that the future required area amount is between 770,000 and 970,000 square meters, according to the planning total population of 900,000 in Xianlin’s sub-city. Also, we can conclude that excluding Dacheng shopping and undeveloped business volume, etc., the scope of commercial building amount in first planned land is between 200,000-400,000 square meters (excluding hotel apartment buildings ),according to the gold Eagle world in central business area. 

 From analysis of successful cases in above developed countries, we can conclude the industry combination of quantitative indicators of urban complex: the suggested proportion of shopping center is between 20% 30% which is proportional to the radiation scope of its business circle and purchasing power; the proportion of housings and apartments has a big difference, focusing on between 20% and 50%, and the more developed urban economy, the higher central area proportion. The proportion of housings and apartments should be relatively lower, but should not be less than 20%, and the proportion of the small and medium-sized city nursery can be relatively increased, but not more than 50%; The proportion of hotel is the lowest, about 5%-10%,but shouldn’t be more than 15%.

 The original landscape of each area is independent, while the present planned area has closer connection, and form landscape corridors.

From the low land utilization rate to intensive land utilization......

From single function to complex function...... 

From independence to connection......


Project location: Nanjing Xianlin

Project scale: 600,000M2

Client: Nanjing Xianlin University Town management committee

Design date: 2010.07