Xianlin International Hospital

The design proposal presented here is a product which will serve the need of economic development and the health of people in the city of Nanjing. The cooperation of Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital and Xianlin Campus City Management Committee will make an upgrade in the region possible.

Master Plan

The site is characterized by valleys, some are natural, some are manmade and is placed between the mountain,the water and Lingshan Road. Important to this design is the relation between the built and thelandscape. The position of the Xianlin international hospital will function as an attractor node in thegreen ecological belt. The different domains of the design 1-Basic medical Domain (BMD), 2 High standard medical treatment (HSMT) and 3 the Physician training center (PTC) offer a lot of different programming. Next to the program of being a medical domain, it will be able to serve entertainment, leisure, sports and its able to serve future healthcare industries. A place between the mountain and the water, a placewhere mankind can heal its body and mind. In order to create a low building density and a high transparency all the wards and hotel rooms areplaced on a serving platform. (This platform is already existing at the site due to earlier excavations)This platform is like a drawer coming out of the mountain which at the same time forms a valley which connects the mountain to the water. By doing this a healing valley is created. All of the ward buildings are oriented to the south. The serving platform contains all the necessary functions to serve. The platform is provided by many daylight boxes which brings light and air into the platform. At the same time these daylight boxes are outside spaces and green elements. The platform should be seen as one landscape element existing of linear elements out of which the ward buildings fold up, and the daylight boxes fold down at up. At some places these linear elements continue to the water and at some places they continue to the mountain. Creating a marriage between the built up and the landscape.

Functional structure

The highest priority of a hospital is efficiency. A clear hierarchy in its structure and programmingto facilitate the usage and the management of the hospital is provided. The basic medical domain is divided in four parts: the primary hospital functions including all examinationand treatment parts and the wards, the secondary hospital functions (administration, pharmaceuticalbase), tertiary hospital functions (logistics and supply) and the technical functions. The three domains; 1-Basic medical Domain (BMD), 2 High standard medical treatment (HSMT) and 3 the Physician training center (PTC) are to be developed in different phases. For this reason the designproposes a flexible system based on a rational structural grid. This grid makes it possible to plandesired programs in different ways at different times and makes future phasing possible. The threedomains have a clear position at the site, each having its own entrance which createsan own identity.


Orientation is one key figure for reducing insecurity as well as a most nature related calm environment helps human soul to find the peace and hope to believe in a future. The orientation of each zone of the hospital as well as the rehabilitation centre and the training center is well supported by a clear structure of a main corridor. This main corridor is the spine of the whole project.

The Spine

The Spine is the main corridor of each domain as well it’s a connection between the main domains. In this way every domain can function autonomously and at the same time they can use each others services. The spine is a leading element for the flow of people, installations, and organization of the program.

Program list

In following our recent experiences in Europe and the newest European norm, we made a detailed room list table of the Basic medical Domain to answer the needs showed in the mission book,. We are very conscious that a real exact room list table can be established after detailed communication with our hospital client. Still,sizes and configurations have followed the standards of the first classed hospitals on the world of today.

Project location:  Nanjing, China

Project scale: 140,362 m²

Client: Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital

Cost : 842,000,000 RMB

Design time: 2004

Task: medical function design, architectural design, interior design and landscape design