Zhangzhou zhaoshang building phase II

The local block is planned as an administrative office site. The north side of the site is the existing logistics and warehousing site and industrial land. The west block is the planned residential land, the southeast block is the planned commercial land, and the eastern two are separated by the urban public green space. The land for the hotel industry is outside, and the southward direction along the mountain is the planned residential land. According to the design task book and the nature of use, this project is positioned as a Grade A 5A office building.

Grade A office buildings should have business facilities and living facilities, such as staff restaurants, high-end restaurants with appropriate scales, business centers that can provide a variety of services, multi-function halls/meeting rooms, post offices, banks, ticketing centers, small scale Soft services such as shopping malls and courier services: On the one hand, efficient and comprehensive property management, on the other hand, it is reflected in the professional business services for staying companies.

Project location: Zhangzhou,China

Project scale:  44,422 m²

Client: China Merchants Zhangzhou Development Zone Co., Ltd.

Building cost:RMB 240,000,000

Design time :2012

Task: urban planning,architectural design